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Parsels Funeral Home helps you, your family, and your friends organize and honor the deceased by celebrating their unique life, personality, and achievements. Our memorial services are expertly arranged to your personalized specifications. Located in Absecon, NJ, and serving Atlantic County, we strive to provide a ceremony that best suits your loved ones’ wants and desires.

If a memorial service isn’t quite what you’re looking for to honor the deceased, we offer a range of other benefits. Click below to learn more.

"Funeral Service - Parsels Funeral Home - Abesecon, NJ"
Funeral Services in Abesecon, NJ

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Funeral Services in Abesecon, NJ

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Funeral Services in Abesecon, NJ

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"Funeral Service - Parsels Funeral Home - Abesecon, NJ"

Memorial Service Planning

Unlike a traditional funeral, a memorial service is a gathering where a casket is not present (an urn with remains may be on display). These services can be held weeks or even months after the death.

Parsels Funeral Home understands that there is more creativity involved with these services and strives to accommodate you and your family’s needs.

As you begin to plan this ceremony, we believe that it is essential to ask yourself the following questions:

  1. What did your loved one like to do?
  2. What were they like as an individual?
  3. What was their profession, and how did that shape their life?
  4. Was your loved one spiritual?
  5. Were they proud of their cultural or ethnic heritage?

Using the above questions as a guide, we will help plan the perfect ceremony.

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Celebration of Life Services

Celebration of Life Ceremonies honors the deceased by celebrating their life. Let Parsels Funeral Home aid in arranging a ceremony fit for your loved one’s unique life. While it can be challenging to put together an event that both pays tribute and celebrates the life and spirit of a complex individual, it’s also one of the most rewarding things we can do for someone we’ve loved and lost.

With the lack of social expectations, Parsels Funeral Home would love to assist you as you navigate through organizing this ceremony. However, as these celebrations of life are what you create, it is essential to realize that the ceremony should meet the emotional needs of the guests.

Funeral Services in Abesecon, NJ
Funeral Services in Abesecon, NJ

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Funeral Services in Abesecon, NJ

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Memorial Services FAQ

What is the difference between a celebration of life ceremony and a traditional funeral?

There’s more room for creativity in a celebration of life than a funeral. Since celebrations of life are commonly held after the individual’s physical remains have been cared for through burial or cremation, there is much more time available to plan the event. And without doubt, this allows you to make better decisions about how you’d like to celebrate the life of someone you dearly loved.

How much will a memorial service cost?

This is a lot like asking, “how much will it cost to buy a car?” The answer depends on the ‘bells & whistles’–the special features–you’ve selected during the arrangement conference. When you sit down with a funeral director to discuss service costs, you’ll receive a copy of the firm’s General Price List detailing all the essential professional services included in the price of your loved one’s memorial service, as well as the cost of any ancillary products or services you’ve purchased. Call us to get a better idea of what your loved one’s memorial service will do for you, as well as what it will cost.

What items will I need to bring to the funeral home?

You’ll need to provide the documents/information required to complete your loved one’s death certificate and obituary. You may also wish to bring in a collection of family photographs to make a tribute video or in the decoration of the service location. Other items may be needed at some point, depending on the arrangements made. Your funeral director will provide you with an exact list of the things he or they should like you to bring along to the arrangement conference.

What is a civil celebrant? How can they help?

A celebrant is a person who has been trained to conduct formal ceremonies, such as weddings, baptisms, and funerals. They are not clergy; instead, they are experienced masters-of-ceremony and storytellers. A celebrant works closely with surviving family to create a ceremony that reflects the beliefs, cultural background, values, and aspirations of your deceased loved one and your family. If you think a celebrant would best serve you, please speak with your funeral director.

Will I, or another family member, need to write the obituary?

While writing an obituary is not necessary, it is a common way to inform others of your loved ones passing. Contact us for aid in writing your obituary. Our team is always available to help.

What “extra” fees or charges will I need to pay?

Some of the things you’ll discuss with your funeral director involve purchases made from outside vendors, and you will be asked to pay for those items at the time of the arrangement conference. One of the most common is the fee charged by a newspaper to print your loved one’s obituary. Another cash advance charge could be for clergy or musician’s fees, floral arrangements, reception necessities, such as food/beverage or facility rental. Your funeral director will provide you with a detailed invoice for all cash advance items.

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