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Parsels Funeral Home offers respectful and compassionate cremation services. Located in Absecon, NJ, and serving Atlantic County communities, trust our staff with assisting you and your loved ones in your time of need. We’ll guide you through the cremation ceremony planning, different types of services, and any questions you may have.

We’ve had years of experience serving many families, so we understand and respect your decisions. Parsels Funeral Home will take all the time you may need to make an informed decision.

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Funeral Services in Abesecon, NJ

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Funeral Services in Abesecon, NJ

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Funeral Services in Abesecon, NJ

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Cremation Service Planning

Part of making funeral arrangements is deciding whether the deceased will receive a body burial or cremation. This is an important decision based on many factors like religious or spiritual beliefs, finances, ecological awareness, or more. After deciding on a cremation service, we recommend:


Consider what kind of ceremony you would like to have. You can plan for a traditional funeral followed by the cremation or delay the ceremony until you have the time to plan a memorial service or ash scattering ceremony.


Ask for assistance from family and friends. When making plans for this meaningful event, encourage your loved ones to get involved. Ask them to gather family photos, write down stories, and discuss the best location for the event.


Select the music, prayers, or other readings. You don’t need to have any of these things, but precisely what you and your guests will do at the ceremony should be decided. There are endless possibilities.


Contact guests ahead of time. This is especially important if they will need to travel or request time off from work.


Decide what will be done with the cremated remains. Commonly, the urn is a visual focal point of a celebration of life. Will you then take it home? Will the scattering of ashes be a part of the event? You may also want to purchase keepsake urns for family members.

Funeral Services in Abesecon, NJ

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Funeral Services in Abesecon, NJ

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Cremation Service Options

Cremation services in Absecon, NJ

Traditional Cremation Services

This option is similar to a traditional funeral. However, the body of the deceased is placed in a specially-selected cremation casket or rental casket. A visitation can take place before the funeral service.Rather than a traditional burial, the deceased’s body is cremated, and their ashes are returned to your family.
Celebration of life services in Absecon, NJ

Memorial Gathering

Parsels Funeral Home offers memorial services that can occur any time after the cremation has taken place. The urn is typically on display during these services, which can happen in any setting preferred by the family.

Funeral services in Absecon, NJ

Direct Cremation

Lastly, we offer direct cremation services. This involves completing all required paperwork and transporting the deceased from the hospital, home, nursing facility, or coroner’s office to the ceremony.

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An alternative to cremation, this new alternative is alkaline hydrolysis. It is a water-based dissolution process for human remains that useless energy and releases no carbon and matter into the atmosphere.

Cremation Services FAQ

How long must we wait after their death before we can cremate a family member?

Unlike burial, cremation is irreversible. This requires us to be “extra diligent” in obtaining cremation authorization from the legally identified next-of-kin, as well as those from any necessary agencies (such as the medical examiner). During these 48-72 hours (depending on state-mandated requirements), the deceased will be held in a secure, refrigerated environment.

How much will I have to pay for the cremation?

When you enter into a discussion with us about the cost of your loved one’s cremation, whether on the phone or in person, we are legally obligated to share our General Price List, or GPL, with you. That list details the actual cost of our cremation services, which is a combination of our basic professional services fee, the fee charged by the crematory for the use of their facilities, and any additional charges related to the transportation and safekeeping of the deceased before the cremation. We can’t quote an accurate cost for cremation here; we urge you to speak candidly about cremation costs with your funeral professional.

Do I have to purchase an urn from you?

The FTC’s Funeral Rule guides funeral directors in the ethical and fair presentation of funeral service options. The purchase of a cremation urn (or a casket, for that matter) from second or third-party sources is one of the rights it guarantees. Your funeral director cannot prevent you from, nor can they charge you an extra fee for, the purchase of a third-party cremation urn. And they cannot demand you are present for its delivery to the funeral home.

What should I do with my loved one’s ashes?

Again, as we’ve said elsewhere, the word “should” need not be part of our conversation. You can do many things with their ashes, including simply taking them home with you for safekeeping. There may come a time when you know exactly what you’d like to do with them, but it may not be right now. Be patient; the right way to care for them will surface in time. After all, there are many options: scattering them on land or sea is one of the most common, but you can also use the cremated remains in keepsake jewelry or create meaningful art pieces. As we said, there is no have-to-do; there’s only a want-to-do (and you are in complete control of it). If you’re curious about your options, just give us a call. We’ll share what we know.

If we choose cremation, does my loved one have to be embalmed?

The short answer is “no,” but there are exceptions. Let’s say you want to have a viewing or visitation. If that’s the case, it may be prudent to embalm your loved ones, so they look their best for the event, so much so that the funeral home may require that you purchase the service. However, with that said, under the FTC’s Funeral Rule, we cannot: provide embalming services without your permission and may not lead you to believe embalming is required by law. In addition, we must provide you with written disclosures related to the embalming of your loved one.

How long will it take to cremate my family member?

Naturally, this question is best answered when we talk specifics: what type of cremator will be used? How large was your loved one? Usually, it takes 2 – 2 1/2 hours for the process. A cool-down period follows, and then the cremated remains are processed for a uniform appearance. Indeed, if the issue is important to you, we urge you to speak to your funeral director.

Can we put special items in their cremation casket?

It depends upon what you mean as “special,” but we do our best to accommodate the wishes of surviving family members. Most commonly, families will ask to place notes, children’s drawings, or other personal messages of love. Still, we’ve certainly had some unusual requests (such as the inclusion of a cherished pet’s collar or treasured keepsake). We encourage you to speak with your funeral director to learn the regulations of the specific crematory responsible for your loved one’s cremation.

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